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Rent a house in Sweden

Find your paradise today – search through 871 vacation houses, cottages, cabins, and apartments in Sweden (+50 international):

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Lappland (3)
2.  Norrbotten (2)
3.  Västerbotten (3)
4.  Ångermanland (6)
5.  Medelpad (0)
6.  Jämtland (26)
7.  Härjedalen (32)
8.  Hälsingland (9)
9.  Gästrikland (3)
10.  Dalarna (95)
11.  Värmland (24)
12.  Närke (11)
13.  Västmanland (11)
14.  Uppland (35)
15.  Södermanland (36)
16.  Bohuslän (137)
17.  Dalsland (11)
18.  Västergötland (32)
19.  Östergötland (36)
20.  Gotland (51)
21.  Öland (64)
22.  Småland (62)
23.  Halland (57)
24.  Blekinge (28)
25.  Skåne (97)

Vacation rentals in Sweden

Sweden is fantastic!

"Thanks for a very nice service and I must say that you really have the best ads!" – Petra Hjalmarsson
"A spendid site, found a cottage in less than a week, got many proposals. This is how it should work." – Jakob de Ron

Ny lägenhet mellan skog o hav Äldre stuga i gårdsmiljö Liten fräch stuga på Smögen


Archipelago, Visby, Smögen, Österlen, Stockholm [all]


Mountains, Sälen, Åre, Lofsdalen, Idre, Vemdalen, [all]


Golf, fishing, bathing, dive, skiing


France, Spain, Thailand, USA [all]

Thanks Expressen!
Thanks Expressen!

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Only 380 SEK/year

On you'll find lots of nice vacation house rentals in Sweden. No matter if you are going to rent a cabin in the archipelago or the mountains, a farm in Skåne or Blekinge, a cabin in the Kingdom of Crystals Småland by a lake, a croft in Värmland, an apartment in Stockholm, or a cottage somewhere in our beloved Sweden, or maybe a house in Europe, we hope that you will get a wonderful vacation and stay where you shall be! There are so many nice places in Sweden to explore.

Learn more about some of the finest and most popular tourist areas in Sweden:

1. West coast

5. Öland

9. Siljan area

13. Vemdalen
2. Stockholm archipelago 6. Österlen 10. Sälen 14. Idre Fjäll
3. Roslagen 7. Småland and the Crystals 11. Åre 15. Funäsfjällen
4. Gotland 8. Tiveden 12. Storlien 16. Lofsdalen

Hammarterrassen is a unique area on the northern part of Lake Vättern

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