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I've had my cabin for rental through fritiden since 2007. The site has improved when updating and one gets good information when there are changes and quick answers when asking something. My cottage has been rent out a lot and therefor I would like to thank you for letting me be here. Thanks from Object 3865 Gunilla in Falun

Gunilla Nordlinder, Advertiser

Hello...I think letting works fantastically well with FRITIDEN!! Just have good things to say!!! And all tenants are very nice!! Thank you thank you....Bettan Börjesson Hovenäset

Bettan Börjesson, Advertiser

Thanks You have ´been very helpful I have got bookings and I am really satisfied.

Christina Svärd, Advertiser

Thanks! for a fantastically nicely presented vacation rental site. It works unbelievable well with contacts, both with FRITIDEN and tenants.

Gunilla Darwall, Advertiser

Thanks for an effective advertisement. We do not use any other channel and we have had clients since August last year.

Birgitta Strandberg-Zerpe, Advertiser

We have let cottages through you during at least two years. Always to satisfaction, good information and pleasant hosts. Wish a good 2007. Thank you for for existing.

Gun Johansson, Visitor

I'm one of the numerous advertisers who were lucky to discover and receive the unvaluable help on behalf of Erik and his team who welcomed me to their site and showed their good-willness and a real love to what they do. I express my appreciation and emphasize that it was my first experience with the Swedish that has formed the best opinion about Sweden and its people.

Alfia, Advertiser

Hi, I will be brief. This site gets from me 10+ of 10 possible!! A very "well thought out" site!! One gets very early hits when searching dif "search engines" on the Net. Thanks for letting this site EXIST!! regards peter

Peter Lind, Advertiser

Thank you Fritiden. I get so happy every time I have been in contact with you, quick answers on my questions/services a great salute for outstanding service. Thanks!

Stensöns stugby, Monica S, Advertiser

Have been on your site since the start and just want to thank you for well working site that has given me many satisfied customers.

Berit Von Scheven, Advertiser

Thanks for a great Web site that has given many pleasant rental weeks this summer.

Margareta Haraldsson, Advertiser

Thank you for existing. A wonderful site to find cottages. We have rented 5 cabins through you this year and already been in two of them. Everything worked to 100 %. Next week we'll go again to the next object. Also last year we rented 3 cabins through You and many at the workplace also found good cabins. Now we are retired and can travel even more. Thank you says Ann-Mari with husband

Ann-Mari Johansson, Visitor

Hello, I think it works fantastically well and I always get answers for what I ask about, that is nice service

Inger Stenfelt, Advertiser

What others say about fritiden? That it's in the future we will see on
A wonderful site that has many nice posibilities for guests to find the right...

Birgitta Rasmuson, Advertiser

Thanks for good service and congratulations for a great search portal. appears as a clean and well-presented portal that is user-friendly and easy to navigate both for the user and the landlord.

Jan-Thor Holgersen, Åmøy Fjordferie, Norway, Advertiser

Thanks for a very good site.

Niklas Nilsson, Visitor

Thank you Fritiden. This is the second year I am here as an advertiser. Guests I had last year, return this year. Great!

Suzanne Johansson, Advertiser

I am overwhelmed with gratitude for the amazing help I received with my ad, we were stunned when we saw it in print. Your service is absolutely non-pareill, amazing! Thank you Erik Olsson, Thank you for having the ingenuity and guts to start and thank you for expanding your energy, time and good will on my behalf You have surely achieved greatness with advertisers as well as those who search for their dream vacation spot on your site.

Sylvia Rau, Advertiser

Thanks for a very nice service and I must say that you really have the best ads!

Petra Hjalmarsson, Visitor

Once again - what a service you supply! Also I shall enter and write my praise to fritiden - so all other "curious" also can take part of what I think about your splendid site and not to forget the service that is something extra-ordinary. A special thanks to Erik at fritiden for all the valuable help you have given me. You have been my "last hope" in many situations. Thanks, thanks!

Siv Lindh, Advertiser

With your service and ad pages you will reach far. Thank you for an excellent collaboration.

Eilert Hedberg, Advertiser

Thanks for the help. Must also tell you that it is a very good site you offer. Have advertised on many "rental sites" but never had so good response as with So congratulations for a successful venture.

Lisa / Resonans Förlag, Advertiser

Now the season is almost to an end and we have had a good booking year. Just wanted to say that I am very happy with the site. Have gotten many clients and inquiries through it. I wish the same response next year. Thanks for the cooperation!

Gabriella Rönnow-Nielsen, Trelleborgs Turistbyrå, Advertiser

There is not so much more to add, the site is superb.

Gösta Green, Advertiser

Congratulations! You have succeeded. A very organized site. We will participate in the future.

Monika Lindström, Advertiser

I would like thank you for the advertisement services on I have had my ad on several other advertisement sites, and then I have only gotten some occasional answer. After my "wanted ad" was inserted on Thursday night, I have for sure gotten 30-40 answers! Awesome! Now I have only the difficulty to choose which cottage to take :)

Karl, Visitor

With exquisite feeling for the complexity of problems regarding cottage rentals, you have created a simple and multifaceted tool that works as well for a guest as landlord. Simply want to congratulate to a very good job! A great thank you from us at Dalslands stugförmedling

Gunnar Jansson, Dalslands stugförmedling, Advertiser

Two families have already booked since earlier just a few days after we at first inserted the ad. We think this Housing site seems to be the most well-organized!

Winnie and Ola Holmström, Advertiser

Hello! Nice to see that Åland is here. We have noticed a very good response for our cabins. Have a nice vacation! rgds. Robert/ Mellanvik Stugby

Robert Mansén, Advertiser

Hi! What a great site! The ad has give a very good response, even "the tips from the coachen" to insert the last available weeks have resulted in that I have let just as much as I wished. Thanks for a very good site! Summy summer regards Maria.

Maria Gustafson, Advertiser

Now all weeks are booked for this house, it has gone really well, and we are very satisfied. So we hope to see you again next year.

Birgit Bamegård, Advertiser

Your Web site is fantastically nicely presented, a joy to work in, and easy to find in.

Tuve Skånberg, Advertiser

Thanks by the way for an awesome site that has worked really well.

Carola Christiansen, Advertiser

Hello, just wanted to say what a great advertisement service you got. Everything works perfectly and smoothly every time one has to make a change. And your emails are pleasant!

Marie Hellgren, Advertiser

Thank you for a very good site, that has given me many bookings.

Ewa Rehnberg, Advertiser

Thanks !! A spendid site, that has saved my vacation, found a cottage in less than a week, got many proposals. This is how it should work.

Jakob de Ron, Visitor

Congratulations and thanks for a good service-have let successfully 2 seasons now.

Andreas Wijkström, Advertiser

I have already gotten a bit for 2 summer weeks, great.

Yvonne Jörnheim, Advertiser

I have gotten good response and several satisfied clients, a big Thanks!

Saga Fröjd, Advertiser

Some small points of view that I have appreciated: 1. you have understood that "tourism" demands an around the clock duty, 2 seem to work qualitatively on improvement - thanks for the past year and good luck in the continuation.

Barbro Rasmussen, Advertiser

Finally, a Swedish rental site with ambitions to make use of the technology to facilitate both for the advertiser and the one who searches.... Simple, quick and clear. Never the less it seems one can handle all type of houses, from cabin to castle. I think I have found the right place, hope it sells as well!

Johan B Sundberg, Advertiser

You have a very nice rental site. I will recommend my friends about Your site.

Yvonne Norell, Advertiser

Got a tip from a man I met when I was going out to my place in the archipelago about this site and I must say it is much better than I expected. My turn to thank you for a fast and smooth, well-managed and good-looking ad site!

Gabriella da Silva, Advertiser

Your site works really great. Have let everything I want this summer.

Gunilla Gustafson, Advertiser

I really like your site. Great Superb. You get what you want.

Kristina Bruno, Advertiser

As a Norweigan advertiser in Sweden so is the score 1-0 to Sweden.

Trond Eriksen, Advertiser

Must inform that I am impressed how efficiently your company works!

Ulla Rapazote, Advertiser

Just wanted to tell you how great I think this site is as an advertiser. It is easy to manage and people seem to have seen it. It has worked really well for us. Thank you very much. Greetings from a really satisfied advertiser!

Lene Höglund, Advertiser

Have updated my vacation cottages for the summer. FRITIDEN is easy to enter, update and insert pictures. Quick answers, pleasant treats. You ARE THE BEST!

Siv Holm, Advertiser

I have just inserted an ad on your plesant Web site. It is attractive, well planned and seems to work well.

Fredrik Bernhardt, Advertiser

I think you have created a really nice site. We have gotten a few bookings and inquiries.

Nina Kindström, Advertiser

Fantastic, very professional. Thanks for now.

Curt Roslund, Advertiser

Have been inside and updated my vacation cottages for the summer. I then find that FRITIDEN is easy to navigate and it has a good looking and foreseeable layout CONGRATULATIONS. It is furthermore pleasant and personal to communicate with you.

Ulla-Bella Hauffman, Advertiser

Positivte with fritiden is that one always gets a quick answer. It is also very easy to find on your site. To get a quick answer and being easy to find it are important things when people advertise or search for a cabin. It is also very easy to insert an ad with you not complicated at all. Thanks for a good site.

Louise Uddenbjörk, Advertiser

We have already gotten 3 new rentals. Thank you for that Fritiden.

Barbro Lindeberg, Advertiser

I have to say again - what a nice site you have arranged and good emails to us the users.

Kerstin Wennerström, Advertiser

And congratulations for a fantastically nice site!

Magnus Öunapuu, Visitor

Checked out your Web site.....Very nice and well presented.

Gudrun Magnusson, Visitor

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