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General questions

Who is for? turns primarily to you who want to rent a cabin for the next vacation in Sweden – it can be a week at the coast or a couple of days in the mountains. That's why most search functions primarily objects that are for rental in Sweden.

Now there are also international objects outside Sweden, as well as for vacation exchange and for sale.

Cabin owners/advertisers advertise on to find new rental guests all around the year.

So in short, everybody who either wants to rent or lent (vacation exchange, buy or sell) their cottage, cabin, vacation house, apartment or room in Sweden or internationally benefits of using Also holiday villages and intermediaries.

How is different from other vacation rental sites?

In many ways. First of all we have probably the best range of private vacation living in Sweden. Our online service is built so you easily and quickly can get suggestions on cottages that fit you. There are also several intelligent tools available, for both vacation people and advertisers so both get in contact with each other in an effective way. And now also cabin owners can exchange vacation living with each other and even sell/buy.

How often is updated?

Every day, all the time or rather said every time new objects are inserted or any other information is added to by its visitors and users. We that work with also update with new functions and improvements for the site. Feel free to let us know if you have some good tips or would like to see something being done in another way. Click here to contact us.

How will develop in the future?

In many directions. Sweden and the Swedish people will always be a base, but we will work more to get many and unique cottages in popular areas internationally. Are you interested? Click here. We will also improve the possibilities for the foreign tourists to easier find their dream house in Sweden. We work constantly to find new ways for partnerships so we together can grow more.

Who are behind is owned and managed by Fritiden Sverige AB. More info here.

How can I contact you at

We would really like to hear from you – mail, call or visit us. You find our contact information here.

Are you interested in partnerships and cooperations?

Of course. We are always open to new challenges and partnerships. Do you feel that you have some idea that we could be interested in, then feel free to contact us and we will listen. Click here to contact us, ask for Erik Olsson.

Searching vacation living

Does it cost anything to use

Absolutely nothing. Our advertisers pay to publish their cabin but there is no cost for you as a visitor to use for searching vacation living.

How can I use in the best way?

Use our search guide (on the Home page), free search (in the left menu), advanced search, special categories and other search tools to find interesting objects.

You might not find exactly what you search for at once and then it can be good to make use of some of the extra tools that we offer:

We also strongly recommend you to read our Tips when renting!

What do I do when I have find a cabin that I want to rent?

You should then contact the landlord as soon as possible to book the time you are interested of. You will find the landlord's phone number in the ad but you can also send a rental inquiry directly through

The same is true for vacation exchange and for sale. Contact directly through

If you are thinking of doing a vacation exchange, we strongly recommend that you insert an ad for vacation exchange so you can be matched with other vacation exchangers.

What do I do if I can't find what I'm looking for?

The best is to start watching an area and making a wanted ad directly. We at will be glad to help you so contact us and tell more.

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How do I advertise on

Advertising on is easy. Click here to learn how it works and to insert your object immediately.

When you insert an object you will select if it should be let, vacation exchange and/or for sale. You can choose one, two or all the three alternatives. General information about the object is shown on all ads, then respective type demands different information.

You pay per object. In other words, it doesn't cost more to have an object both for rental and vacation exchange, compared to just for rental.

Click here to get started immediately! See what the users say.

Who will see my ad?

Everybody who use to search for your type of cottage/area. We recommend you to describe your object as detailed as possible and also insert pictures so the visitors get the information they need in order to make a decision directly online. It's good both for you and them.

How much does it cost to insert my ad on

Ordinary price for one ad is only 380 SEK/year (including sales tax). (380 SEK is about 45 Euro.) Click here to not miss this chance.

For how long is my ad available?

It is there for as long as you want. You can at any time delete it permanently or inactivate it to save but not show the ad (if you would like to let again).

What should I think about before and after I advertise?

Collect all the information that is important to publish so that the visitors should be interested and be able to make a decision online. Pictures are of course also very important to include. Then all you do is inserting your object, click here to do that immediately.

Can I insert several objects?

Of course. You can have as many objects as you want, and each object can have up to three ads (rental, vacation exchange and for sale) depending on what you want to do.

If you already aren't a registered advertiser, you start by inserting the first object here. Then you insert the following objects on the admin-pages.

How do you know which objects are the "Most popular"?

The Most popular objects are based on those who have gotten most interest, in other words most amount of visitors.

The visitors counter on my ad seems to have stopped, is it really working?

Yes, it works. The counter does not increase when it sees access from the same computer (in other words the same number of IP). So your counter just increases with "1 visitor", irrespective of how many times you see your ad or click on "Refresh" in your browser. This is a necessary function so it isn't possible to increase one's own counter.

How can my ad come on top in the result list?

The result list is sorted after updates of ads, so the latest updated ad is shown on top.

Always make sure to keep the information in your ad(s) current so it is always correct and fresh.