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Just want to say that I have rented out the weeks that I plan. I am so happy with Fritiden. You guys are the best!!! I have used other platforms for rentals but you guys have been absolutely the best. Easy to use and great support. You get 5 stars from me.

Solveig Svenson

Thank you for a very good site, that has given me many bookings.

Ewa Rehnberg

Have advertised on many "rental sites" but never had so good response as with

Lisa / Resonans Förlag

The use of Fritiden has been very successful for us.

Bertil Rupp, Holland

Thanks for an effective advertisement. We do not use any other channel and we have had clients since August last year.

Birgitta Strandberg-Zerpe

This site gets from me 10+ of 10 possible!! A very "well thought out" site!! Thanks for letting this site EXIST!! regards peter

Peter Lind

Have updated my vacation cottages for the summer. FRITIDEN is easy to enter, update and insert pictures. Quick answers, pleasant treats. You ARE THE BEST!

Siv Holm

Have been on your site since the start and just want to thank you for well working site that has given me many satisfied customers.

Berit Von Scheven

Thanks for a great Web site that has given many pleasant rental weeks this summer.

Margareta Haraldsson

This is the second year I am here as an advertiser. Guests I had last year, return this year. Great!

Suzanne Johansson

Thanks for a very nice service and I must say that you really have the best ads!

Petra Hjalmarsson

Just wanted to say that I am very happy with the site. Have gotten many clients and inquiries through it..

Gabriella Rönnow-Nielsen, Trelleborgs Turistbyrå

Must inform that I am impressed how efficiently your company works!

Ulla Rapazote

Two families have already booked since earlier just a few days after we at first inserted the ad. We think this Housing site seems to be the most well-organized!

Winnie och Ola Holmström

The ad has give a very good response, even "the tips from the coachen" to insert the last available weeks have resulted in that I have let just as much as I wished.

Maria Gustafson

Now all weeks are booked for this house, it has gone really well, and we are very satisfied.

Birgit Bamegård

Congratulations and thanks for a good service-have let successfully 2 seasons now.

Andreas Wijkström

Finally, a Swedish rental site with ambitions to make use of the technology to facilitate both for the advertiser and the one who searches.... Simple, quick and clear.

Johan B Sundberg

Your site works really great. Have let everything I want this summer.

Gunilla Gustafson

We have already gotten 3 new rentals. Thank you for that Fritiden.

Barbro Lindeberg

With exquisite feeling for the complexity of problems regarding cottage rentals, you have created a simple and multifaceted tool that works as well for a guest as landlord.

Gunnar Jansson, Dalslands stugförmedling

There is not so much more to add, the site is superb.

Gösta Green

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