Vacation rentals in Sweden

Advertising terms and conditions

When you insert an ad on, you approve the following terms:

  1. You are responsible for the entire content of your ad. All information you fill in must be correct and truthful. Your ad will be removed if any errors would come to light.
  2. You give your permission to publish the information you have given, this includes also contact information, on Internet site and eventually also other places in good purpose to reach even more people who can rent your object.
  3. You give your permission to the usage of cookies.
  4. You or a member of your family must own and/or administrate the object(s) that you advertise on
  5. You personally or your company are responsible for the content in your ad.
  6. You can not give any information that can be experienced as insulting, offending, discriminating or prejudiced. We reserve the right to review and remove material from publishing without being justified.
  7. You can not publish somebody else's material on, for ex. pictures or texts that not are your own. Just if you have their permission.
  8. It is only permitted to advertise one object per ad. This also applies to campings, holiday villages and condominiums. You can insert several ads if you have several objects (this is done on the admin-pages).
  9. For ads about apartments it must clearly emerge in the ad that it concerns rental of vacation home for a limited time.
  10. The cost is 380 SEK per object and year (including VAT). For each object, you can have up to three types of ads: Rental, Vacation Exchange and/or For Sale. The payment period is one year. No refunds are given if the object is inactivated or removed before the payment period has ended. To extend further a year, the payment must be made before the current pay period runs out (email reminders sent). If no payment has been made by then, the object will automatically be inactivated (it can be later activated again). We take no commission for brokering the rental, vacation exchanges, or sales.

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