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Åre mountain and its ski areas

Rent a cottages in the Åre mountains and there mainly Åre By, Åre Björnen, Duved or Tegefjäll

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Åre is located in western Jämtland and at the foot of Åreskutan, and it has for a long time been a unique holiday destination for Swedes and international tourists looking for a skiing out of the ordinary and the hippest in entertainment. Pilgrims visited Åre and Åre old church for nearly 1000 years ago, which the only medieval stone church in the Scandinavian mountain world. The city developed into one of the oldest and today probably the largest mountain sports resort and ski area in Sweden. A tourist area loved by so many for its winter season but also for the rest of the year where no less hunting and fishing are popular.

Årefjällen consists of three areas; Åre By, Åre Björnen, and Duved/Tegefjäll. All of these facilities are operated by SkiStar, and it is easy to get between the different areas with ski buses. The skiing is world class, perhaps the best in Sweden. Snowboarding? No problem! In total there are entirely 114 slopes and 43 lifts with varying degrees of difficulty for everyone in the family, and every year hundreds of thousands of tourists visit this unique mountain setting.

Besides the wonderful mountains and the magnificent scenery and the nice service and standards, so it is perhaps the lovely mood and atmosphere that gets tourists to return year after year. There have been major investments in Åre the past few years and it shows to the visitors. Lifts have been upgraded and there is no restriction on the supply of top restaurants and nightlife with its fun activities, all in a modern style but also the simple typical and traditional. One can rent a mountain cottage or lodge for the stay or live in an apartment or hotel. Most go for a week but even over a weekend (long weekend ) has become more popular through the good connections.

It may be worthwhile to consider the unique climate that Åreskutan has, where it may be hard winds and humidity that ices down buildings and lifts. The wind can sometimes make certain lifts to remain closed until safety can be assured. For the most part everything is normal but it can be good to check current conditions prior to departure.

Trail map Åre

Åre By

Åre By is the the biggest ski area with 52 slopes and 22 lifts, the longest 6500 meters, for a slalom in world class. Some think it is the best skiing in Sweden. The most experienced people come here but there are plenty of slopes for children and beginners. Added to this is an entertainment life beyond the ordinary to make your mountain vacation a memory for life.

Åre Björnen

Åre Björnen is the ski area that perhaps is best suited to families with children and beginners. Here are 24 slopes and 10 lifts, the longest is nearly 3400 meters. Kids love Åre Björnen, not wondering when it's talking bears along the forest trail in Björnlandet (The Bear Country). Talk about adventure on the mountain holiday. Get ready!

Duved and Tegefjäll

The lift and slope system in Duved is linked to Tegefjäll. Here there are 27 slopes and 11 lifts, and the longest is just over 2 km. The slopes are wide and nice with light snow, which is well suited for children and families. The calm Duved fits most and Tegefjäll is a small holiday village in the forest where there is no wind and nice. Is this something for you maybe? We thought so.

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