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Österlen is the beauty of Sweden

Rent a cottage in Österlen or a beautiful skånelänga for a lovely holiday

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Discover the wonderful Österlen with its rolling meadows and picturesque communities. The concept Österlen is not even one hundred years but its content goes way back. No one really knows where the limit of Österlen is but generally speaking one can say it is the southeast Skåne where among others Simrishamn, Tomelilla, Kristianstad, Bromölla, and Ystad are included.

The nature in Österlen is the backbone of its charm, a haven for friends of nature who want to partake of the nature reserve's trails and outdoor activities to admire its flora and fauna. There are a wide variety of bird species that attract birdwatchers from far and beyond.

Österlen also attracts culture and arts lovers, with its many small and fine art studios with exhibitions to enjoy. One of the best known phenomena in Österlen is perhaps Kiviks marknad (the market of Kiviks) in the summer. There is plenty of history to enjoy, many are castles, ancient monuments, and museums. And the music of course. After one of the district's activities you can enjoy swimming and sunbathing on any beach, such as Sandhammaren, one of the best beaches in Sweden.

The best with Österlen is perhaps just to be there; go around, walk around, and enjoy the atmosphere that provides an incredible inner energy and harmony. Its farms, meadows, and gardens are an oasis of inspiration and joy, a delight for all the senses in the body.

The range of accommodation is great but as in many other popular areas it's good to be out in good time. How about a charming Skånelänga, a luxury beach house, a cozy cottage or stay at a real farm out in the country? Or an apartment in one of its major cities. Österlen offers so much, that you have to go there to really understand how beautiful and wonderful it is. Everyone should experience this idyllic spot at some point in their lifes.

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