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Gotland is Sweden's summer paradise

Rent a cottage on Gotland or house in Visby appeals to many on the summer holidays

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Gotland is the largest island in Sweden and has since the 1900s been a favorite destinations for the Swedes during their summer and holidays. Then the island will be filled with tourists from all over Sweden and the world, not the least during the famous Medieval Week and Allmedalsveckan (political week). Visby is the only city on Gotland but there are many other little pearls such as Hemse, Klintehamn, Slite, and Fårö.

The fantastic nature on Gotland is very different from the rest of Sweden. Long and lovely seashore beaches and its undulating landscape creates an incredible feeling inside of oneself, this combined with its unusual plants and flowering roadsides. The animal and bird life is also unique where many of the animals on the mainland do not exist here.

A trip to Gotland is also a journey through time. Gotland has a rich culture and history from the Middle Ages, but at the same time it has a modern life for those who prefer. There is something for everyone. There are plenty of activities and events throughout the year, ranging from crafts and exhibitions to music and health. Maybe a day trip to Fårö or why not visit one of its many ancient monuments or the 92 ancient churches can be something to focus on during your stay on Gotland. And remember that downtown Visby and the city wall is something you will not forget in the first place.

Many have not yet visited this magical place in Sweden. And those who have, will love to come back. Rent a vacation home on Gotland and enjoy all that its beauty has to offer.

Gotland, Sweden

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