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Roslagen in my heart

Rent a house in Roslagen and you can take part of all its activities and nature

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Roslagen have actually no clear boundaries but perhaps aimed primarily at the northern Stockholm archipelago, in other words the coastal area of eastern Uppland, where both the coast and the nearest mainland are included. Some say Norrtälje is the capital of Roslagen and its territory includes gems such as Hallstavik, Rimbo, Vaxholm, Åkersberga, Älmsta, Öregrund, Östhammar, Väddö, Ljusterö, Gräsö, and Singö.

Roslagen offers a solid mix and a rich life of culture, history, activities, and attractions in an area of unspoiled nature tempered by ocean and land. A bit of everything in one.

There are a number of churches, castles, and museums to visit. Plenty of activities all around. Art galleries and cultural romantic, golf and sports of all kinds for all who wants, canoeing and boating for skippers and those who want to try to ride or fish can do that also. Nature and outdoor activities in Roslagen is a gift. And that there are tons of places where you can swim and relax does not make things worse when it is summer and sun.

Whether you want to live on an island or on the mainland, there are plenty of cozy cottages to rent. A search on Roslagen or any of its places will give you a nice selection to start with.

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