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Stockholm archipelago and its islands

Rent a house or cozy cottage in the archipelago of Stockholm this summer

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Stockholm archipelago, or just the archipelago, is unique in the world and probably the largest archipelago consisting of more than 30000 islands, islets, and reefs. The area extends through Uppland and Södermanland, from Norrtälje in the north to Nynäshamn the south, and has well-known gems to name a few of the big ones; Dalarö, Vaxholm, Ingarö, Värmdö, Yxlan, Blidö, Ljusterö, Väddö, Ingmarsö, Möja, Runmarö, Nämdö, Ornö, Muskö, and Utö.

From Stockholm you can quickly get out of what for many is the paradise. There are some permanent residents, but even more people have vacation homes and cottages there, around 50000 summerhouses. The good thing is that most are located right by the ocean. The largest islands have good bridge connections and ferries.

In the Stockholm archipelago, the sea is always present with its calm waters, small bays, and open ocean. There are lots of activities to do but also relaxation for those who want to enjoy the unique nature with its animals and plants. Why not celebrate the Swedish midsummer here?

To sailing or go boating in the archipelago is a classic and for many the boat life simply life in its best form. In the summer, swimming and fishing another wonderful must. Why not rent a kayak and glide along with the inserts or perhaps surf the waves. There are lots of nice and cozy cottages and houses to think about when to book accommodation for the summer in the Stockholm archipelago. Are you looking for something simple and traditional, or something luxurious and new that has everything? The choice is yours. Here at there are lots of nice places to rent. Enjoy the archipelago and all that Sweden has to offer you and your family.

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