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Siljan area with its tourist destinations

Rent a cozy cabin in Silja area of Leksand, Rättviksvägen, Mora, and Orsa

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Siljan is located in Dalarna and it is the area around the wonderful lake Siljan and lake Orsa. Some of the most beautiful tourist destinations in the area are Leksand, Rättvik, Mora and Orsa, but also Sollerön and Skattungen are included in this tourist area as well as the adorable Gesunda.

It’s said that Siljan was formed by an impact of a meteorite a long long time ago. Siljansringen (the circle of Siljan) that the crater is called is the largest known impact site in Europe. The result about 365 million years later is an incredible scenery and landscapes for outdoor recreation both summer and winter. It is full of hiking trails, biking trails and ski trails. You will pass shacks, health wells, outdoor bathing, fishing spots, and fantastic views. Hundreds of thousands of tourists come here every year.

Best of course is to rent a cottage around Siljan and from there explore its delights day by day, or maybe just relax and enjoy the tranquility of this idyllic setting. The regions in Leksand, Rättvik, Mora, and Orsa itselfs are all worth their visits. Some of the other destinations that are at your disposal are Tällberg, Dalhalla, Tomteland (Santaland), Sommarland (Summerland), Orsa Björnpark (Orsa Bear Park), and Classic Car Week. Thus not only get to see the great Kalle Moraeus. Many people choose also to book accommodation near and during Vasaloppet that goes from Sälen and ends in Mora.

So there are plenty of activities and events, all year round. In winter you can go cross-country skiing, downhill skiing (slalom) or skating on lakes. In the summer one can as earlier mentioned go hiking, biking, or riding around Lake Siljan. Can you see yourself in the picture above? So both midsummer and Christmas may be something in this wonderful area of Sweden. Explore and find your own little oasis.

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